It is St. Patrick’s Day, so here is one of my favorite Irish bands, Thin Lizzy, for your enjoyment.

The Shins - Simple Song music video.

I like songs that sound like they’re sung by sad cyborgs, robots in love…

(downloadable here)

Before there was Hey Ya!, there was this.

Davy Jones, singer of fake TV band the Monkees, has passed away into the great beyond at age 66. Say what you will about the Monkees and their non-contribution to music, they were a big part of my childhood and they had some good songs. RIP, Davy.

President Obama releases a Spotify playlist

President Obama released a Spotify playlist a few weeks ago. Click here to see the list of songs.

Douchebag Siri: the Fixed Apple iPhone Rock God Commercial

Random Prince Songs, Part 1: This Bonnie Raitt song has been covered by, like, everyone.  But Prince did it best.  His secret? He knows he can totally make you love him.

Downton Abbey Mix!

I just finished watching the Season 2 finale (a little late, I know) and was moved to make a playlist. Okay, Season 2 was a little weak, but I still have a raging hard on for Season 1/the miniseries. So I hope the fans out there will enjoy this. :-)

The year was 2002, and it was really hard to be a jellyfish back then.  But this song is still so good.

Don’t Forget This Album…

The Cardigans - Life

Released : 1995


This is an album that I have always wanted to check out, and I’m so glad I finally did!

The Grammy’s are over, but let us resolve to always remember the following: the music of Whitney Houston, and that Chris Brown is a monstrous asshole.

Valentine’s Day Mix!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

in memory of Whitney Houston